With a mutual interest in trade compliance, a group of visionary compliance and regulatory people met in 2007 to discuss the networking opportunities in the profession of Trade Compliance. Because attending luncheons or meetings could not completely meet their needs, they envisioned web-based opportunities. It was then that the Association of Trade Compliance Professionals was born.

ATCP Mission Statement

"The Association of Trade Compliance Professionals serves the trade compliance professional community by promoting relationships, exchanging information, and providing learning opportunities within the global trade compliance environment, all via the world wide web."


"Partnering for Compliance" East

Mar 7, 2017 - Mar 9, 2017
The collegial and interactive 16th Annual "Partnering for Compliance" East will focus on a broad spectrum of export/import ...

8th Maritime/Logistics Seminar

Apr 19, 2017 - Apr 20, 2017

Interested in being part of a transportation workshop which is unique in the industry? Then join the MTFLGS Workshop. ...

Braumiller Law Group

Braumiller Law Group offers specific and customizable training at your facility or our corporate offices in Dallas, with many training topics also available online.
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Trade Policy Impact Calculator TOOL

BPE has created a pretty slick little Trade Policy Impact Calculator tool. This simple tool allows users to utilize their free U.S. import data to generate a dashboard reflecting three categories: First, a duty projection of the potential fiscal impact of President Trump's trade statements during the election, as President-Elect and as President (i,e, the 20% "Wall Tax"). Second, a snapshot of company's current Free Trade savings along with a snapshot of potential savings should programs like TPP and TTIP be implemented. Third, a profile of users' historical import data and origin country volume-critical knowledge to have while watching the surge of retaliatory tariff threats spread across the global trade arena.

The report is based on your actual import activity in 2016. We let you insert your import value, origin and classification data into the calculator and then the calculator analyzes your data. It calculates how your imports in 2016 would have looked considering statements that the President made as a candidate during the campaign such as placing a 45 percent duty on imports from China and 35 percent duty on imports from Mexico. The calculator also estimates your adjusted duties considering the President-Elect's suggestion of a 5 percent increase on all imports.

By running your ACE data through the calculator - you give your senior management a fact-based view of what new duties your company will have to consider when setting your company strategy and estimating your potential profit (or loss) in the future.

The data is free, the tool is free, it's all calculated by you on your local computer and the insights could be invaluable to your company.

BPE Global provides the expertise for building Global Trade Compliance Policies and Procedures and for classifying your items, software and technology (ECCN and HS) under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Customs Federal Regulations (CFR) and local regulations. In addition, we provide audit, training, security (C-TPAT) and automation services.

Trade Policy Impact Calculator


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