With a mutual interest in trade compliance, a group of visionary compliance and regulatory people met in 2007 to discuss the networking opportunities in the profession of Trade Compliance. Because attending luncheons or meetings could not completely meet their needs, they envisioned web-based opportunities. It was then that the Association of Trade Compliance Professionals was born.

ATCP Mission Statement

"The Association of Trade Compliance Professionals serves the trade compliance professional community by promoting relationships, exchanging information, and providing learning opportunities within the global trade compliance environment, all via the world wide web."


U.S. / China Trade War: Recent Developments & Avoiding Supply Chain Disruptions (Webinar)

Sep 25, 2019
1:00-2:30pm (EDT)
U.S. importers continue to find themselves in very interesting (if not troubling) times from a global trade point of view. ...

Resolving Disputes with Customs and Border Protection (Webinar)

Oct 3, 2019
1:00-2:30pm (EDT)
Even the savviest importer will receive a detention or seizure notice, a demand for redelivery of imported goods, a notice ...

Braumiller Law Group

Braumiller Law Group offers specific and customizable training at your facility or our corporate offices in Dallas, with many training topics also available online.
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Vigilant GTS is a leader in providing Global Trade Management (GTM) systems oversight, monitoring and compliance. Vigilant's Customs & Global Trade specialists are dedicated industry experts in global trade strategy, export controls, import/export compliance and supply chain efficiency.

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