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Washington DC 2018 Reexports Seminar

Jun 11, 2018 - Jun 14, 2018

ITAR/EAR/OFAC Commercial and Military Export Controls: How US Controls Impact Non-US Companies, Affiliates and Transactions

PLUS: A comparison of Canadian & EU rules to US rules, analysis on recent developments in export controls from Kevin J. Wolf (former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration)

Back-to-back seminars on compliance with reformed United States Export Control Laws. This seminar is designed to examine the impact of US regulations on the non-US parents, affiliates & subsidiaries of US-based companies, and on non-US based companies that use or resell US-origin products, components or technology. Expect to leave these seminars with an in-depth understanding of what the current rules are and what you need to do to keep your company compliant. Register for ITAR (June 11-12) or EAR/OFAC (June 13-14), or both.


ATCP and its Sponsors will do our best to host regular one-hour webinars on current events, news and other topics of interest to import and export compliance professionals. We would like to hear from you as to what subjects would be most applicable. Please send us your ideas for consideration.

On-Site Programs

ATCP does not normally host on-site programs. The mission of the Association is to offer networking and training opportunities using web-based tools. Webcasts will be the primary method through which we offer training, as well as member meetings.

We do, however, want to offer details on compliance-related on-site training programs and other events as they are brought to our attention. These will be published on the website and shared in the newsletter. If you know of such an event, please email us the details.

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